Netflix Find: Love and Mary

Netflix is like a toy chest, all the popular over-used toys are on the top.  And all the different odd toys are on the bottom.

Last night my Mom and I were looking for a movie, we found a couple movies off the “Feel-Good Romantic” section, of course they were added to our queue. We add like three movies in there and my Mom forced us to watch “Love and Mary.”

I love indie films, they are so overlooked though.  They are like the toy that gets pushed to the bottom of the toy chest, but they end up being the more exciting one.

This movie was great.  It really it was.  The main character, Mary, owns a bake shop and is getting married to a teacher named Brent (he’s a nerd!)  Brent has a twin brother named Jake, who’s a real winner…sarcasm.

Of course something happens that causes the brothers to switch, but I can’t give away any more detail!

Do yourself a big favor, get on Netflix and watch “Love and Mary.”  You will not regret it!

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