Couples in Love

Okay, so tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day of looooove!  I was thinking today about all the goofy cards I could write.  “Be the Gambit to my Rogue,” was just one of them.

I came up with a bunch of different couples throughout history.  If you need a silly love title, just write down you want your lover to “be the ____ to my_____!”

Gambit and Rogue:

I’m just waiting for Gambit to come by and sweep me off my feet.  I don’t care if he’s not real!  Edward Cullen is not real and girls scream over him!  Gambit manipulates almost any object, and is great with a deck of cards!  And I don’t even mind his goofy hair!

Boyd Crowder and Ava Crowder:

Another great couple! If you watch Justified, which is on tomorrow, then you know these two.  They have an odd relationship.  Ava was married to Boyd’s brother!  It’s working out for them though.  Ava and Boyd are the new Bonnie and Clyde.

Harley Quinn and Joker:

The Joker is sadistic just as much as Harley.  Which makes them so adorable!  Bad guys need girlfriends!  Harley would do anything for the Joker, and she usually does.  Now the Joker is not as willing.  But hey, love works in strange ways.

Juno and Bleeker:

So awkwardly in love, these two are great.  They really are.  He loved her, she sort of loved him, then he moved on, and she loved him.  In the end, they were in love!  They look so perfect together!  Not to mention how sweet he was to her, even when she wasn’t very nice to him.  And don’t forgot the mailbox of Tic Tacs!

Jeff Spicoli and Pizza:

This one is a joke haha!  I just had to throw this one in here!  Spicoli loves his pizza!

Bender and Claire:

These two hated each other in the beginning!  And in just a couple hours they were in love, head over heels!  I love that Claire gives him her diamond earring!  They are completely different from each other, but they share a common bond: detention.

Kelso and Jackie:

Dysfunctional but oh so cute!  He did everything for her, even bought her hot rollers for Christmas!  She is always bossing him around, but he seems to enjoy it.  Maybe they aren’t couple of the year, but still adorable!

What couple are you?  I don’t know.  So try out one of these couples and make fun card for that secret someone.  And if you’re single, who cares!?  That means you don’t have to spend money on anything or anyone!





Jeff Spicoli:



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