March Playlist

It’s here, the playlist for March!


You Should Listen To:

Devil in Me- 22-20s

Why: I’m not sure how I found this band, but I do know they are amazing! This song will be stuck in your head for the next few weeks. I work out to this song, I eat break-fast to this song, crochet to it, even took a shower to it. Is that convincing enough for you to listen to it!?

Ain’t No Easy Way- B.R.M.C.

Why: It stands for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They are this rock band with some really bluesy roots. This song has a harmonica throughout! It takes talent to play guitar and harmonica at the same time! I’ve decided if I was to rob a bank, and had to drive away from the cops, I want this song to be playing. It has such a mind-boggling tune that just leaves you wondering “what kind of geniuses come up with this?” Of course, if you’re not into folky stuff this probably isn’t your song. But please try it out!

I Do Believe- The Drive-By Truckers

Why: Such a sweet song, kinda wish a guy would sing this to me. It’s such a haunting, beautiful, song that makes you smile? If that makes any sense? They even mention a “top-down Mustang.” There’s an acoustic version on youtube, so make sure to give it a listen!

Train Kept a Rollin’-Darrel Higham and Jeff Beck

Why: Rockabilly to it’s fullest. Darrel Higham is married to Imelda May, who is also a singer. The song is an old Johnny Burnette tune, but this cover does it justice. Makes you wanna dance, makes you wanna sing. I’m not a real big Jeff Beck fan, I do like him in this though. My brother always forces me to listen to his favorite stuff, so today I made him listen to this. At first he was complaining, after a couple of seconds he was tapping his foot! Put you’re dancin’ shoes on!

Old Man- Red Light King

Why: Okay, I like Neil Young, I’m not gonna lie. When I heard this, I wasn’t too sure. After a couple listens it received my approval. Love the video for it too. There’s a line that always sticks out in my mind, “the pain that you feel could be the fuel that you use.” I remind myself that almost everyday!

Inside Out- Eve 6

Why: Where to begin? I was just cruising down the road and this popped on. Pretty good considering no one my age even knows who Eve 6 is! This is for sure on my list of favorite songs. Listen to the lyrics, they are very interesting! Just don’t stick in your heart in the blender after listening to this!

The Bucket- Kings of Leon

Why: This was before the Elves of Leon, as I like to say, hit stardom. In middle school we used this as the opening for our news one day, my idea! Lyrics are pretty dark, but it has an upbeat tune. Approved.

Miss Independent- Kelly Clarkson

Why: I’m not ashamed to say I like her music. This song is a reminder to us girls that we can fall in love and still be independent. Very cliche to say, but very true. My gym class used to lift weights to this song, brings back 7th grade memories!

Immigrant Song- Karen O, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross

Why: Raise your hand if you love Led Zeppelin? Love them. So many people have tried to cover Zeppelin, but the award goes to this one. You probably heard this in the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trailer, but if you haven’t, look it up!

Conceal Me- Xavier Rudd

Why: Found this on Pandora, fell in love within seconds. Haven’t heard anything else like this before! Why hadn’t I discovered this more soon! I’m gonna give it two thumbs up!

Alright, that’s all I got for now! Make sure to check these out!

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