The Redneck Tanning Bed!

Ladies… and gentlemen! Start your engines because I have an offer you can not and WILL NOT resist!

Do you love to tan?


Save money?

BUT WAIT! There is no possible way to save money, drive, and tan all at the same time!? There is only 24 hours per day! Well, haha, you’ve been wrong all these years introducing the…


Here’s how to begin:

1. Invest in a car with T-TOPS!

2. Pump gas.

3. Remove T-Tops, roll down windows.

4. Wear shorts and tank top.

5. Turn on car, and radio.


There’s a couple different packages.


We have the classic bronzing bed, very vintage but also a little cool. The bronzing bed is the starter tan, due to size of T-Tops you get less of the beating sun. Great for a cruise through the South or even around town.


Want more burn! This Corvette offers more burn! Of course this is not a stroll through town car, the front yard still has sun!


A more practical but still very classic bed. This is a highway style but remember… the highway is not your racetrack. We are getting a tan, not burning rubber!

I hope you find these enjoyable!

See, yesterday I took the T-tops out of my Camaro! FOR THE FIRST TIME! What I discovered was that you can get burnt! I love the feel of the sun and wind though. Next time I’ll just wear sunscreen!


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I'm just trying to get by on Fashion, Music, and the lovely world of Anything Else.
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