May Playlist!

Have you been waiting for it!? Well I got it!

So what are you listening too on the way to your vacation spot, keep scrolling to find out!

East Bound and Down- Jerry Reed: You know it from Smokey and the Bandit! This song is the ultimate road trip tune! When I’m out driving my Camaro with the T-tops out, this is the jam! Just think… you, this song, the open road=joy ride!

Dancing Days- Stone Temple Pilots cover: Very mellow, more chilled out than the original Zeppelin. But still the classic tune that gets stuck in your head. This song would be perfect for the early morning when you leave the hotel and have another 7 hours in the car! Haha!

Fall Down- Toad the Wet Sprocket: Boredom strikes you halfway to Florida… need a little something new cause your Dad has been playing the CD over and over again. Flip this old jam in that player! Roll those windows down, pass those semis, miss your exit! Okay, so don’t miss the exit, but go ahead, dance to this one!

Man in the Box- Alice in Chains: At midnight when you’re still an hour away from a motel, a safe motel, something has to keep you awake. I think the chorus to this one can keep an insomniac awake. Just listen to those strange lyrics, animal abuse or censorship? That opens a good discussion in the car.

Johnny Got a Boom Boom- Imelda May: Some good old rockabilly! Almost to the vacation, heart is pumping, air conditioning went out 200 miles back, this song might take your mind off it for at least 2 minutes!

Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley: Okay, your parents are fighting, 4 hours to go, no gas stations close, here’s your secret weapon. This might just help resolve that tension in the car. Everyone knows this song and it gets a good laugh!

Wrong Side of Memphis- Trisha Yearwood: Are you passing through Memphis or Nashville? Get in the mood with this song. I always love driving to this song, mostly because I think it sets a tone. It’s laid back enough all members of car can enjoy it.

Welcome All Again- Collective Soul: Just loud enough to scream too, just good enough to listen too. Go ahead, start cruising!

What do you guys think? Ready for vacation? I know I am, leaving in June for North Carolina! Just got to get past the 4 days of school and finals, and then…

in the words of Alice Cooper…


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