Today, I had a little fun with some yarn and cars.

Yesterday was the last day of school, so this morning the teachers were finishing everything up. I decided to “tag” my English teacher.

I crocheted a red scallop and sewed it onto the door handle of his Scion. (This is the guy that said my Camaro was a “trailer park Vette.”)


I came home from the errands I had to run and my brother’s friend was over. I couldn’t resist. I just had too!


I have to say, I was pretty proud. They might be small, but I tried.

And I don’t have a photo of the first one, but I crocheted a much bigger garland and sewed onto the railing at school!

Thinking of making something bigger now too!

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I'm just trying to get by on Fashion, Music, and the lovely world of Anything Else.
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