A Little Trip to Wilmington, North Carolina!

Today I went in to Wilmington with a couple of plans.

A. Buy my dress I’ve been waiting for a year to buy.

B. Yarn bomb

and C. Pick up a hot guy.

(The “pick up hot guy” is always on my list of things to do.)

Let’s start with A.

My favorite store in Wilmington is Elizabeths Tres Chic, which is a great store that has a vintage feel. But it’s not actually vintage!

Last year I went to this store, and found this gorgeous dress. This perfect, ivory colored, ruffled dress…with a price tag of $300. Didn’t have that money last year.


I bought it.

It’s a Nataya dress.

This is it on me, last year.

 Then after my major purchase I checked out some other favorite places!

Fence of Keys

Edge of Urge

Which sells Jeffrey Campbell! One of my brands I would die to wear. Check out “Lita” booties!

Random really pretty tree

 First bomb of the day on a bench!

And someone got a surprise on their car!

I was walking down the street today and this guy stopped me and said I looked like a hippie, reminded me it was a compliment, and shook my hand! Kinda cool!

Tomorrow I plan on eating at Front Street Brewery! Last year I ordered gumbo, which was okay. It wasn’t no New Orleans gumbo.

Make sure to check out Elizabeth’s Tres Chic, Edge of Urge, and Front Street Brewery! Or just go ahead and drive on down to Wilmington, North Carolina!


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