3 Day Military Diet? No Tire Obstacle Course Involved.

A couple weeks ago a friend on my Pinterest pinned the 3 Day Military Diet. I read the article and at first I was like “NO WAY! I can’t do that!”Last night I decided, I’m going for it.
I was talking to my Mom’s friend, and she said she had tried it. It worked for her. They say you can lose up to 10 pounds. That sounds like a lot, but military guys work out a lot more than I do!

My breakfast was actually good. I got to have 1/2 grapefruit. The grocery store didn’t have any fresh so I bought the kind of in the fruit cups. I ran it under water and drained it. Then a piece of toast, and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter! That was way too much peanut butter for me! And my favorite part… cup of coffee. Of course, no sweetener or sugar. I got more than halfway through and called it quits for the java. It sounds like it’s a pretty small meal but it wasn’t! I felt really good!

I was really nervous at lunch. 1/2 cup of tuna and slice of bread. It said toast, but my locker at school doesn’t have a toaster! I knew I might struggle with it, so I packed a banana and my crochet bag. I didn’t need the naner! So I worked on a hat the rest of lunch! I didn’t feel hungry or anything. I really am surprised.

Now for dinner. I still have a couple hours left, I’ll be at work. 2 slices of meat, I just packed 2 slice of turkey breast. My Grandpa grows green beans so I get a cup of those! Then I get half of my “emergency banana!” And an apple! My Mom bought these huge apples so I cut it in half. AND THE BEST PART! 1 cup of vanilla ice cream! I’m going to have that when I get home from work, it’s kinda like my incentive!

I’ve decided that I will be happy with whatever happens. If I lose 2 pounds, then that’s 2 less to worry about. I feel whatever size is fine as long as you’re happy. Hollywood models are tiny, but they are also photo shopped too. Every girl just wants to feel beautiful. Ugly doesn’t have a definition, nor does fat.

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