Get Ready for Some Halloweenfest!

If you are like me right now, you are on Fall Break. If you are not like me, you are just bored.

Either way, you have ran out of things to do… leading to uncurable boredom.

I have the solution.

What you’re about to read is the ultimate guide to getting ready for Halloween. We are talking T.V. wise. All my favorite Halloween/scary episodes of television and movies!

Let’s get started.

“And Then There Was Shawn.” –Boy Meets World Season 5 Episode 17: This is great. The whole gang is together locked in the school and a couple mishaps lead to this thing. If I say anymore it gives it away. But there is a twist that is really confusing. AND THIS IS ON M FAVORITE BOY MEETS WORLD EPISODES! I love Mr. Feeney!

“Too Old To Trick Or Treat Too Young To Die.” –That ’70s Show Season 3 Episode 4: They spoof some Alfred Hitchcock movies, which makes everything more funny. If you haven’t watched any Hitchcock, it’s really not funny. And there is a burn in this one!

“The Ghost in Suite 613.” –The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Season 1 Episode 19: Haha, the twins hear about this haunted suite and decide to check it out. This episode probably has some of the best Suite Life quotes ever! Check it out for yourself!

Nightmare Before Christmas: Everyone loves this movie. My Mom thought it would be scary (insert smirk here), but no it’s not! The music will stick with you forever! This is Halloween…this is Halloween…

Phantom of the Megaplex: Does this count? It’s a Disney Channel movie. But it’s kinda creepy in the whole Phantom way. I always thought it was good. They don’t play it much anymore, but Youtube has it!

“Halloween.” My So-Called Life Season 1 Episode 9: Angela’s little sister goes as Angela! It’s hilarious to see it! This is straight up 1990s right here! It’s cool to see all the characters dressed up!


Under Wraps: They used to play this on the Disney Channel a lot. Yeah, I guess I like the Disney Channel. Whatever. Anyways, this is pretty funny. It’s not rolling on floor laughing, but it’s kid approved.

“Who’s Afraid of  Corey Wolf.” Boy Meets World Season 2 Episode 6: Cory thinks he’s a werewolf. He’s just becoming a man. Pretty much the same thing HAHA! He goes to see this fortune teller and that’s just genius! Because all the things she tells him, kinda happen, but in a weird way.






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