Scooby Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Right here!

I made my dog a Scooby Doo collar cover to wear for Halloween!

I used his actual collar, some jersey knit tealish fabric, paper for invitations, a playing cards, some markers, and mod podge.

I traced his collar onto paper, cut fabric to fit the pattern, sewed both sides, turned it right side out. Drew the Scooby Doo sign onto paper used for like party invitations. Then I colored it in, glued against a playing card. Put a layer of mod podge over it. To sew it on to collar I used cross stitch thread and a needle. You just slip the cover over the actual collar and wahlah!

He said no photos!


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I'm just trying to get by on Fashion, Music, and the lovely world of Anything Else.
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