October Playlist!

I thought I was done making these, but I couldn’t do it! I just have to put my favorite songs together for you guys!


A Change Would Do You Good- Sheryl Crow: I was driving from my trade school to my high school. This popped on. Not gonna lie, I was was bobbin’ my head and tapping. I know everyone who passed me thought I was crazy, but hey, everyone sings in the car!

Hey Jealousy- Gin Blossoms: It’s like a sweet song, but also a sad song? Peaceful tune, but the addictive kind. Very 1990’s. Very great.

Losin’ Yo Head- Monsters of Folk: I love Monsters of Folk. They have some roots in their music, they aren’t overrated, and put out very different stuff. “If I lived in a mansion…”

Be Set Free- Langhorne Slim: I was watching Hart of Dixie when I heard this. Such a haunting, love song. I have this on my wedding playlist. I can’t really say much, but give it a listen.

Sick of You- Cake: Oh the memories. Raw cookie dough, freshmen year, an older boy, and the joys of being young. How ironic is it that as I was throwing up raw cookie dough, I had this stuck in my head? And the reason I was throwing up raw cookie dough was because I made cookies for this boy (who I had a crush on) and I ate some raw dough. Me and that guy don’t talk anymore haha.

Sound of Winter- Bush: I like Gavin Rossdale, I like Bush. Old or new, I still like it. And the title just sounds cools haha. No, I actually like this song for lots of reasons. It really helped Bush make a come back, it was a bit different for them, and there’s some other stuff.

The Chain- Fleetwood Mac: This is one of those songs, that when it comes on the radio, YOU DO NOT TURN THE STATION!


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I'm just trying to get by on Fashion, Music, and the lovely world of Anything Else.
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