Female Role Models!

Earlier I had an idea to make a list of who I think the top role models of film, tv, and books. It seems like the young girls of this generation see role models as outward appearance. Whatever happened to real role models? Women that actually fought for themselves while remaining true to the woman code.

Let’s begin.

Angela Chase of My So-Called Life, she’s at the awkward age in high school. Yet, she befriends the people that are often overlooked. Falls for a drop-dead gorgeous guy with dyslexia (Jordan Catalano), and she is so passionate about helping him. The thing that I loved most about her was that she gave her Doc Martens to a homeless girl. After Jordan breaks her heart, she stands her ground pretty well. Even though she is trying to find herself, she does know what she wants. But is having a tough time getting there.

Ava Crowder of Justified. She’s a gun slinging, Southern fashionista, who killed her husband after being beat too many times. Okay, sounds rough. Here’s the catch, she lives in Harlan County. Married a man (Bowman) that she thought she loved. He began beating her. Ava miscarried. Bowman beat her again. She had enough, shot him. I don’t want to give away any plots in case you haven’t watched it yet. But in season 3 she smacks Devil across the face with a frying pan for mostly two reasons: so he’ll stop talking crap to her and to remind him who is in charge. Did I mention Ava has got an eye for fashion? I mean seriously, she wears the most prettiest dresses and other pieces!

Bulma Briefs of Dragon  Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. She can be, no doubt, a damsel in distress. But she can also do some pretty awesome stuff. Bulma is a scientist, she made the device to get rid of the androids. She has also got herself out of many situations using her looks. Something that I really love about her is that she stays by the people she loves. Even when they have hurt her. When Vegeta calls her “servant woman,” she doesn’t stop loving him, but she does keep a firm foot down.

Rogue of X-Men, oh yeah! You knew I would say it! Let’s just keep this simple. Girl that can’t touch anyone without killing them. Takes a bullet for Wolverine’s girl. Falls in love with mysterious Cajun. Decks him in face when he tries to kiss her. Shall I continue? Yes! Rogue isn’t going to let anyone into her life that doesn’t promise to stay. She’s quick, strong, and always fashion sense!

Wichita of Zombieland. Nothing is better than a zombie slayer! She kicked some real butt! Plus she was always thinking of her sister. Those were too were witty and knew how to survive. Hey, uf she can survive zombies… she deserves to be on here.


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