Been Craftin’ Up a Storm!

It’s been quite sometime since I have actually wrote! I have been very busy whipping up all kind of stuff. Even before the previous blog I had some stuff in the making. And my Mom has been working on some stuff too. But first… a strange ipod story.

I’ve had my ipod for almost 3 years, never had any problems. Back in April it ran out of charge, and I’m too lazy to put it on charger. So last week, I worked up the energy to charge that baby. 6 hours later I go to turn it on, and says the date is JANUARY 1, 1970!!!


More evidence


So I went to use the internet, didn’t work! DUH! Because they didn’t have internet in 1970! I ended up resetting it, and everything worked!


I made ruffle scarves, I cut t-shirts into circle, cut circles into spirals, pulled spirals! RUFFLES


My “genuine 1990’s grunge hand-sewn Nirvana infinity scarf.” Made this from my FAVORITE Nirvana shirt ever! I am a bit upset with how it turned out.


Bob Marley t-shirt scarf, these scarves are my favorite to make!


The finished finger knitted scarf from Halloween tights! I didn’t know how to finish the top, so I just wrapped a red satin ribbon around it!


My Mom made a bicycle basket (large.)


The smaller bicycle basket.


We also made my Telecommunications teacher a skirt for his daughter! Yes, that is Captain America!


And another amineko which was given to my English teacher!

Well that seems to be all my crafts for right now!

About 60sinseattle

I'm just trying to get by on Fashion, Music, and the lovely world of Anything Else.
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